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The current stock of carp is approximately 120 fish.


The stock is made up of a variety of different strains of carp. These include big framed fast growing carp from the Czechoslovakian ‘Royale’ Strain as well as some stunning original French fish, some of which are believed to be over forty years old. The lake has a particularly good head of large Common Carp with a number of stunning 40lb Commons up to a current lake record of 47lb 4oz. The largest Mirror in recent years is a fish of 52lb 2oz.


The lake now has an excellent head of upper 30’s to upper 40’s all of which are continuing to show good growth. There are always several fish in excess of 50lbs. In a typical week, the average size of the carp caught is around 30lbs. The lake also has two Grass Carp, one of which is now in excess of 40lbs.


The lake previously held a number of large catfish. Whilst we have subsequently removed the majority of these, the lake has one catfish in excess of 100lbs, another around 80lbs along with a number of other fish which are typically in the 20-50lbs bracket.

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