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We only allow our own bait. This is supplied by Union Jack Baits based at Priory Lakes, near Limoges. Priory Lakes has one of the finest carp stocks in France.with an astonishing average weight which this bears testament to the quality of their boilies and other feed. 


Our boilies are of the very highest quality and contain no artificial chemicals, colours, flavourings or preservatives. We typically stock three flavours (Coconut, Salmon/Garlic and Crab X, usually in 18-20mm). All of these work very well. Subject to the size of order and time, alterative sizes/flavours may be possible and can be discussed with us prior to your holiday.


Our pellets are 43% protein and are available to buy in 25kg sacks or smaller 5kg bags.


In winter the carp are fed with a specially developed carpet feed. The fish receive on average 25kg of this every week across the winter period. This is available for purchase and is a great supplementary bait which our fish are very accustomed to feeding on.


Current prices are as follows:


Boilies 5kg = £52.50


Pellets 5kg = £20.00

Pellets 25kg Sack = £75.00


Carpet Feed 5kg = £22.50


Anglers can bring their own hook baits, pop-ups, plastic baits, dips, glugs etc.

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